The Credibility Bureau was established to form a link between consumers and businesses by providing the most accurate and reliable information available in order to substantiate credibility.

If you are a consumer looking to verify the credibility of a business, look no further. Our accredited businesses are rated with the highest level of standards and are put through a rigorous vetting process. In order to learn more about our accreditation process, click here…

If you are a business looking to obtain the creditability you deserve, click here to learn more about joining the Credibility Bureau.

There are many sites that provide directories, reviews, and complaints however; finding a credible source can be a challenge.

Specific standards have been set to calculate a score for businesses that have been accredited to assist the consumer in finding a reliable, ethical business.

With The Credibility Bureau, the consumer has the ability to submit a review based on their experience with a particular business. To submit a review you must provide your name, email, phone number, and zip code. We then send a verification code email that must be confirmed prior to posting in order to prevent inaccurate reviews.