As a consumer, you want to make the selection process for choosing a business as painless as possible but with the assurance that you are hiring a reputable company. Here at Credibility Bureau, we take pride in providing you with peace of mind that all businesses have gone through a rigorous evaluating process prior to our accreditation.

You will see throughout this process the terms rating and accreditation but you may wonder what the difference is so we will explain:

Rating – A rating is when a consumer, like you, goes on our website to tell us of a great (or bad) experience they have with an individual company. Just like other rating sites, we will rate them with one (1) to (5) stars with one being the worst and five being the best. Credibility Bureau does not endorse or take any action against a company with just a “ranking” status as that is considered more of a “review” from a consumer.

Accreditation – Before a company becomes accredited with the Creditability Bureau, they must first receive an “invitation” to do so. An invitation is not given to every company but only those companies that have been initially screened and found to be in good standing within the community. Once a company accepts the accreditation invitation, Credibility Bureau will begin their grueling process of additional vetting in order to assure our accredited businesses are capable of delivering to the consumers the highest standards in their industry.

If you have a complaint regarding a business, please click here to file. At Credibility Bureau we take all complaints seriously, no matter how big or how small. All complaints are looked at on a case by case basis and, if necessary, arbitrated accordingly.