How Do I Submit a Review?

You can submit a review of a business on our homepage by clicking the button, “Submit a Review” located in the middle of the homepage.  You will then be led through a series of questions to best describe your experience and submit your first and last name, display. Name, phone number, email address, and zip code.  Once that information is submitted, you will be emailed a confirmation code that must be submitted on the site prior to your review being posted.  

How Does the “Review” Scale Work?

The review scale is based on 1-5 stars.  One star is the lowest and five is the highest.  Factors that should be considered when a consumer leaves a review of a business include but are not limited to:

  • How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or family member?
  • What was your overall satisfaction with this company?
  • How well did the products or service meet your needs?
  • The overall quality of the product or service

What is the difference between a review and an accreditation?

A review is just that, a review.  A consumer can leave a review of a company detailing their experience with a certain product or service.  An accreditation is the highest level of recommendation given by The Credibility Bureau. For a business to become accredited through The Credibility Bureau, it must first be invited to participate.  Not every business will be invited and not every business invited will withstand the additional vetting process.  

Does the Credibility Bureau only grade accredited businesses?

Yes, The Credibility Bureau grades only accredited businesses.  In order to fairly calculate a grade, the Credibility Bureau must obtain additional information that can only be provided from the businesses.

Can the Credibility Bureau recommend a specific business for me?

No.  The Credibility Bureau does not directly recommend a business for the consumer.  The goal is to provide consumers with helpful information through our reviews and rating systems assisting them in their choice of a reliable and credible business.  

What are the fees to become accredited with The Credibility Bureau?

The Credibility Bureau would love the opportunity to discuss your business needs with you.  Contact us for a custom quote: CONTACT US